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Full Service Installations, Repairs & Maintenance
Priority One Emergency offers superior installations and repairs of emergency products on any related vehicle. Our skilled technicians will customize your installation to fit the needs of your fleet, however big or small, all while keeping in mind the comfort of the driver and convenience of the equipment. We pride ourselves on developing and respecting the consistency and uniformity of each fleet we service. Our team is equipped to install all of the latest technology as well as changeover any current equipment you would prefer to keep.

The markets we service include (but are not limited to):

  • Police/Sheriff
  • Fire/ EMS /Rescue
  • Local, State & Federal Government
  • DOT
  • Public Works
  • Towing
  • Construction
  • Security
  • Utility
  • Funeral
  • Landscaping/Snow Removal
  • Show/Display Vehicles

What sets us apart from the competition?

With budgets being stretched and vehicle services being extended, the quality of your build is the most important aspect when considering an upfitter. We strive to be the BEST at what we do and are constantly improving techniques and adapting to unique installations. We hold ourselves to the highest of standards, keeping all of our installs clean, consistent and durable.

If your products are not working up to their standards, your problem could be a poor installation. When you compare the workmanship of other upfitters to our work, there really is no comparison! We provide clean, user-friendly, organized installations every time! Do you know what is hiding in your vehicle?

Our Technicians
Through extensive and ongoing training, we are constantly challenging our technicians and encouraging their growth within the industry. All of our technicians hold certifications from leading manufacturers and we have been named Authorized Service Centers for a wide variety of product lines as a result of their hard work. From troubleshooting to fleet designing to everything in between, our staff of six (6) Full-Time technicians is always here to help.

This very specialized industry requires extensive insurance that shockingly many competitors do not carry. We, however, carry all of the proper insurance and will gladly provide you with documentation. Any vehicle in our possession or vehicle with our workmanship inside is covered. Additionally, any government contracts we hold automatically get their agency/department name added to our policy and a letter directly from our insurance company will be sent to confirm.

Transportation Services
To eliminate personnel downtime, we offer transportation services for pick up and/or delivery of your vehicles. Transports are available via our insured Drive Team or our heavy-duty two-car vehicle hauler. Feel free to contact us to make these arrangements. Unless otherwise noted, transports are subject to a charge determined by round-trip mileage.

Drop-Ship Codes
Through our established industry presence, we have obtained exclusive drop-ship codes for each of the "Big 3" car manufacturers for your convenience. Drop-Ship codes allow customers to order their vehicles and have them shipped directly to us instead of the dealership, eliminating the burden of coordinating additional transports. Simply advise your sales-person to use our code (below). This convenience comes at no charge to you.

Ford: 88MET5
General Motors: 49462
Chrysler: T90436


-- Workmanship is warranted to be free from defects to the original customer for the lifetime of the vehicle. This warranty applies if, and only if, these two conditions have been adhered to:
(1) The vehicle, with it's products and workmanship, have never have been subject to misuse, modification, or negligence and the issue in question must have occurred while operating under normal circumstances.
(2) No repairs, installations, tampering, nor modifications have been made to the workmanship in question. Claims made that violate this policy will be denied and any costs incurred through unauthorized repair facilities will never be subject for reimbursement.
*We reserve the right to determine whether or not, in our opinion, these conditions have been met.
-- Product warranties are subject to the terms and conditions of their respective manufacturer. Product failures are subject to labor charges. If requested, we can assist with the return; however the customer will be responsible for any shipping charges incurred.

* Items which are not picked up within 45 calendar days will be considered abandoned and will become property of Priority One Emergency. We reserve the right to resell, donate, or discard any abandoned property after the 45 days. Items include, but are not limited to, special orders, products sent in for repair, and any items left over from services performed.

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