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DisposaCone 18" Reflective Cone 3-Pack

DisposaCone 18" Reflective Cone 3-Pack

New redesigned product! The tallest DisposaCone available yet, 18-inches tall with NEW Engineer Grade Reflective Sheeting and a bright NEW high visibility red-orange color. DisposaCone is now pre-packaging three DisposaCones per bag for convenient distribution and storage.

DisposaCones remain the most cost effective way to protect and barricade private construction sites, work areas, monuments, public events, and locate identifying spots for work to take place, emergency warning signs, where to leave materials, where to pick them up, and myriad other needs we could never have imagined. Now, thanks to DisposaCone, this can all be acheived without expensive traffic cones or heavy plastic barricades!

DisposaCones were created to minimize travel and labor costs, giving you more time to do more important things and spend less time driving around chasing cones. DisposaCone allows you to move on to another site, while enabling the on-site personnel to remove them when the area is ready for traffic.



This product was added to our catalog on Wednesday 02 June, 2010.

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